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I always found Tony Benn’s politics a bit too “left-wing radical” for my palate. That said, I never doubted his honesty and sincerity - something I can’t say about the majority of the politicians today.

And then there’s things like this…

This is funny - the phrase, “couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery” springs to mind.

I like this - I like it a lot!


Amanda Palmer sings ‘Dear Daily Mail’ song 12/07/2013 London Roundhouse (by missivonmcgowan)

Back-story: Ms. Palmer suffers an accidental ‘wardrobe malfunction’ whilst performing at Glastonbury. The Daily Mail (an odious right-wing rag not fit to wrap dog excrement in) decides that rather than reviewing her performance, it is better to run a ‘celebrity nip-slip’ story - complete with pictures.
This video is her response.


I read that Rupert (Effing) Murdoch’s “News International” has been re-branded “News UK” (or, as I shall be referring to them, “New Suk”).
Presumably, this is an attempt to distance themselves from their excrement coated past.
Within days, a tape of their esteemed leader slagging off the police inquiry into the behaviour of his ‘journalists’ hit the news.

If I may paraphrase The Who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again”:

Meet the New Suk - same as the old suck.

Equality in action.