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Build your own xkcd strip.

I don’t often post ad’s, but the little girl in this one is such a star that I just had to.

Three - #SingItKitty - cat advert (by three)

I like these.


Paper craft, Hari & Deepti

My granddad always said you should never judge a book by its cover, and it’s for that reason that he lost his job as chair of the British Book Cover Awards panel.

I can write jokes - I just choose not to.

Stewart Lee - Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle [BBC 2]

I always found Tony Benn’s politics a bit too “left-wing radical” for my palate. That said, I never doubted his honesty and sincerity - something I can’t say about the majority of the politicians today.

And then there’s things like this…

Anonymous asked: Aewbhghshm

Efwnialk fes grnuig - obviously!

At times, the solution to a maze is to reduce it to embers and walk straight through the ashes.
Hlavin Kitheri [Children of God - Mary Doria Russell]
I had something slightly similar [a parking incident] - I caught this handicapped guy trying to use one of our spaces.
Sean Lock [8 out of 10 Cats - C4]
Acupuncture may cure you - but it could prove fatal for your voodoo doll.
Milton Jones [Thanks a Lot, Milton Jones - BBC Radio 4]